This site features MODPlus (advanced version of MODi), a powerful modification search engine that uses mass spectrometry data to identify protein modifications. MODPlus facilitates cutting-edge proteomics research by extensively searching through hundreds of potential modifications efficiently. Among the existing search tools, MODPlus can take the most number of modifications as its search parameter.

Special search engine for disulfide linkage analysis, DBond.
  Certain post-translational modifications involve more than one peptide and thus cannot be easily searched by conventional modification search algorithms. We provide specialized software, DBond that can analyze intact disulfide linkage between two peptides. Disulfide linkages not only contribute to the stability of a protein's structure, but it is known to regulate mediation of various signaling pathways in a cell. It is of particular interest to biopharmaceutical industry as disulfide bridge characterization is an important part of acceptance criteria for biological products.

Multi-blind unrestrictive modification search, MODa.
  We provide specialized software, MODa that can search spectra for all possible modifications at once, in unrestrictive mode. MODa is the first practical multi-blind unrestrictive approach for the identification of multiply modified peptides.

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